Buffalo Snikty​-​Six

by Snikt

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released August 25, 2014



all rights reserved


Snikt St. Petersburg, Florida

All this came from our one bedroom apt. and a 6 track. And lot's of words I've saved through out the years.

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Track Name: games we played
hopscotch hips and childs play
busted lips from childrens games
and I'm throwing rocks to get straight
while twigs snap in rusted trees
carried in arthritic bones and dusted knees
and these cheap shots always hit my kidneys
the ship will sink and I just won't think anymore today
the ships will crash and I just can't last another roll in the hay
I'm going away
one more candle added another notch carved another city sky
that's fucking starved 'cause these stars don't see it fit
to wink and glitter
shine and spit
just one more lap dog just one more greedy hog
someone else's lap dog greedy for another log
of flames and fire to add to drunken stupors desire
can't live in the past the futures not a present just more time elapsed
and failures just a longer way to say
I fell
into something else,
....into something else.
Track Name: I'm a scumbag
meandering teasing reason with dreaming
I guess it would be nice to conquer these demons
but I gotta have faith
cause I'm the only one believing
with a fucked up feeling so I just keep repeating
I am a scumbag, didn't you know?
Jealousy the seed to my anxieties
inebriated tendencies to leave
with a cardboard slice
and footsteps doubled as warnings
sleeping with my words till I can eat them in the morning
and all they're going to be, all they're going to be
are these
I am a scumbag, didn't you know?
stick pin walking contradictions from
another vegan itching for a fucking fixin
of narcotics
foodstamps enabling tramps
at the liquor store trading em to score
but you'll only want more
of the dope of that noose
ain't a rope it's a needle
at your arm breakneck speed
feed the need
and then say it with me
I am a scumbag, didn't you know...didn't you know?
I am a scumbag, am a scum bag.